A Thorough and superior Cleaning System

DyChem’s Automated Fleet Cleaning System cleans deeper than other systems, leaving aluminum rails and chrome gleaming; back doors have never looked better. The two-step fast acting chemical application penetrates dirt and grime, allowing it to be thoroughly flushed away under high pressure rinsing. Not only are DyChem's products extremely effective, but they are also eco-friendly and biodegradable.

Minimal Customer Investment

DyChem’s unique partnership minimizes your investment. DyChem will provide the system along with installation to transform your wash bay into a DyChem Cleaning System. DyChem also provides all system maintenance and repairs due to normal use for the duration of the partnership. Your expense is limited to the actual product used to maintain the image of your fleet.

Touch Free Design that won't damage your fleet

Our specifically formulated chemicals work so well, no surface damaging brushes are needed. Eliminating brushes can end the cost of brush replacement, maintenance and repairs. Nothing comes in contact with paint, chrome and decals other than the quality chemistry employed. If however, brushes are part of your current system, DyChem can redesign your existing system thereby enhancing its cleaning capabilities.

flexible Custom Design for a variety of commercial fleet sizes

Whatever the size of the vehicle you need cleaned, DyChem has the capability to custom design a system to meet your needs. Even if you have several different sized vehicles, DyChem's system is designed to clean your entire fleet. The DyChem design and system application allow you to wash one large vehicle approximately every 90 seconds. This amounts to over 100 washes every 8 hours. That’s several times faster than other systems. This puts your driver back on the road in a matter of minutes, which may lead to  increasing your revenues.

free full-service maintenance program

DyChem is committed to excellence through service. Without good dependable service, no system can work to its full potential. DyChem realizes your down-time can cost you valuable fleet cleaning time. All of our representatives are trained to handle your every need. DyChem guarantees you get the most for your money. Not only can we wash your fleet at an economical price, we deliver through no cost maintenance, world class chemistry, high standards of customer service and exemplary results everyone desires.