DyChem has created a Fleet Washing System offering little or no capital expenditures, investment or risk. DyChem provides custom tailored fleet washing systems for new or current wash bay configurations. This partnership includes hardware, service, repairs, maintenance and installation of the Automated Fleet Washing System at no cost to our customers with quarterly purchasing of our chemicals.

The DyChem Fleet Washing System eliminates the need for brushes, hot or soft water and can wash a large vehicle in approximately 90 seconds. With the application system and the chemistry involved, vehicles come out consistently cleaner and for a lower cost than with any other fleet washing system. DyChem is committed to excellence through service. Without good dependable service, no system can work to its full potential.

DyChem International, LLC specializes in providing quality chemicals and automated system hardware for the water treatment, food processing, beverage, dairy and transportation industries. Since 1970, DyChem has developed hundreds of quality products for these specific industries.

In order to meet our customers’ needs and keep pace in an ever-changing marketplace, our modern chemistry laboratory provides a continuous stream of new products. We also offer the latest system hardware available to ensure proper chemical application in a cost efficient manner.

At DyChem, the customer is the company. Our accounts are serviced on an ongoing basis to make sure all systems run efficiently and at proper usage rates. We are committed to excellence and to the industries we serve.