Forty-Seven years ago DyChem felt that it should be our responsibility to pay for the wash equipment and its maintenance, so that we could focus on guaranteeing the primary objective of a high quality wash at a consistent price.  We decided that there was a need for a provider who would bear the cost and risk of equipment performance in exchange for a genuine long-term relationship with the customer seeking a truly clean seamless washing system.

Having decided that we didn’t want to be a “me too” organization, making a quick buck selling equipment, we set out to develop the best possible formulations, together with carefully balanced hardware for delivery.  This was particularly important because we knew that our customers would not remain with us if we didn’t deliver something really special. 

  • DyChem is first and foremost a highly specialized, proprietary chemical formulation company that has developed and continues to refine formulations through over 40 years of experience and truly provides the strongest truck washing chemicals on the market.


  • DyChem has been in the fleet washing business since 1970. We have an excellent reputation of service, high quality products, and stability – we aren’t going anywhere.


  • DyChem owns the lab where new products are formulated, tested, and approved for use. Several of our products are NSF Certified.


DyChem's Fleet Wash System:

  • Free full-service maintenance on our System is always included. No negotiating.


  • Does not require hot water, soft water, or brushes that break down and increase operating cost.


  • Fully automatic and custom designed to wash any type of vehicle in your fleet.


  • Washes tractors and 53’ trailers in approximately 90 seconds.


  • Dependable with no moving parts to break down.


  • 100% USA Manufacturer for both Fleet Wash Systems and chemicals/detergents.


  • Provides flexibility with several options to obtain our Fleet Washing System and meet your needs.


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