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A sparkling fleet can be your best advertising. Gleaming semi trucks, trailers, tractors, busses, big rigs, heavy construction equipment and other vehicles leave a favorable impression that encourages people to do business with you.

Whatever the size of the vehicle you need cleaned, DyChem has the capability to custom design a system to meet your needs. Even if you have several different sized vehicles, the DyChem system is designed to clean your entire fleet. This video tells the complete DyChem story and shows the equipment in action.


DyChem Truck Wash System

DyChem Wash Program

Dychem's Automated Fleet Cleaning System Cleans deeper than other systems, leaving aluminum rails and crome gleaming. Back Doors have never looked better. The two-phase fast acting chemical application penetrates dirt and grime...

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Equipment & Technology

The DyChem Fleet Wash System incorporates a two step procedure which we designate as "shock treatment". The first step employs the use of a low pH product which is applied to the entire vehicle surface. After the first step the vehicle travels...

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Dychem Products

Since 1970, DyChem International, Inc. has specialized in providing quality chemicals for the food processing, beverage, dairy and transportation industries. Our modern chemistry laboratory provides a continuous stream of new products.

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